The Finnish company, an expert on the international IT services market

European Guard Consulting Oy (EGC) provides a wide range of IT services, including custom software development (websites, games and mobile applications), as well as design, marketing, quality assurance and HR services for diverse client tasks.

By providing strategic guidance during project development, EGC helps customers which are passionate for innovations and aimed for market leadership to avoid typical mistakes that could be critical.

During last 10 years EGC experts have been working on projects for government organizations, regional and international businesses, marketing agencies and start-ups primarily from the US, Europe and the UAE.

European Guard Consulting Oy EGC provides customers with a choice of all options for effective implementation of the task, and EGC's intellectual assets create all the necessary conditions - thus, for each type of services there are experts whose competence is confirmed by the correspondence of the high quality of the services provided and the speed of implementation.

One of EGC's directions is the development of its own SaaS solutions, which allows you to quickly and efficiently design websites, online stores, and effectively manage the client's business online from one place.

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