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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

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EGC company's clients always receive the agreed results on time and in full, for this purpose the company has a unique scheme of the interaction:

  • Initial client consultation, demonstration of competence.
  • Negotiations, achieving the same understanding of the current state of things.
  • Determination of what needs to change. When and what result should be obtained.
  • We agree on mutual obligations (who and what should do).
  • Actions and adjustments.
  • Completion of work and the subsequent support and support.

Any task begins with the analysis and choice of an effective direction of movement, the definition of measurable quality criteria and conformity, and a successful project begins with an idea that has been entrusted to professionals for implementation.

A professionally developed functional requirements or technical specification makes it possible to obtain a detailed calculation of the project cost, to plan the implementation period and to break up the project development into independent stages. Involving the project manager of EGC in the client's project provides the opportunity to make corrections at all stages of development, while the separate role of the analyst and his consultations help to build an unambiguous and correct vision of the project that will ensure a complete solution of the task.

Choosing a developer company is one of the most important aspect for the implementation of your project. The wrong choice of experts in IT leads to inevitable losses and disappointment.

There are 3 models of interaction between EGC experts and the client in the framework of the task or in the format of long-term cooperation.

Outstaffing (Dedicated Team)

Ideal for developing new products and completing the current client team with the right experts and specialists on a long-term basis.

  • When you need a fast scaling team.
  • When hiring the right specialist takes too much time, or it is much more expensive in your area.
  • When you need total control over the development process, direct communication with specialists.
  • When a project team is divided into external and internal, and also requires compliance with internal established processes of development and interaction.
  • When transparent pricing is required within a fixed budget for IT development.  

Project work (Outsourcing)

Ideal for the development of MVP, as well as projects within the fixed budget of the client, while management risks lie on EGC.

  • When it is necessary to develop a product according to the client's requirements at a certain time and within a fixed budget.
  • When there is no need to form a team of specialists on an ongoing basis.
  • When there is no need for a frequently changing course of the development process.
  • When you need a quick start to the development process.
  • When the expertise of the project manager is required separately.
  • This type of interaction involves the preparation of a functional requirements or a detailed technical specification before starting work on the project.  

Payment on the fact  (T&M)

Ideally, when the client of EGC has limited internal IT capabilities and there is a need to get IT expertise quickly, solve a specific problem, or a periodic long-term support for an existing project is required.

  • When you need an operative solution to a task or a set of tasks with a predictable budget.
  • When it is required to periodically support an existing project with a convenient form of mutual settlements.
  • When it is required to find a solution to a problem for which a preliminary investigation of the causes of the problem is required.  
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