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Summer camp Dvizh is an organization, that knows about a real and right vacation!

The main characteristic about Dvizh is the well-known format "Pioneer camp", which is oriented towards adults and youth.

Dvizh team offers only the best circumstances by overall solutions, which contain:

  • contests and sport games,
  • group sessions with coaches,
  • intellectual games,
  • training with instructors and equiment rental,
  • console games,
  • movie theater,
  • workshops,
  • parties,
  • and a lot more.

The aim of developing the project Dvizh was:

  • provide all the information about its events on a bright one-sided website for attracting more people that need a healthy and unusual vacation.

Therefore, we selected promo site as the tool for solving the task.

What was achieved:

  • feature for completing a vacation order,
  • adaptive layout on any kind of device,
  • full controllability through administrative panel.