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Prior to getting acquainted with EGC, clients are usually disappointed in trying to cooperate with other companies, in the hope that they will be able to help in their issues. EGC experts are convinced that if a client has an unsolved problem and he doesn’t know how to solve it - WE KNOW HOW! and we will always find the most effective solution for you.

EGC is always ready to undertake the obligation to accompany client projects even after the completion of the development, so the client's need for long-term project support is realized, and the opportunity, if necessary, to implement new functional additions.

The EGC team is in constant communication with the client, reports on the current progress of the project, which ensures complete satisfaction of the client from work and gives control over compliance with agreements, and a work-proven processes ensures the client's security against unforeseen difficulties and inconsistency with the original agreements.

Problems faced by the client while working with young companies

  1. 01 Substitution of concepts When the company does not understand its client or speaks with the client in different languages, and the task is not defined - it is very likely that the customer will unfairly pay after each "I misunderstood you," "I understood otherwise."
  2. 02 Misleading When a company reports data that is untrue, which can not be verified at this moment in time.
  3. 03 Pretending When a company tries to absolve itself of responsibility by telling the client "I do not remember anything", "this was not."
  4. 04 Substitute roles When instead of being an expert in solving the client's tasks and clarifying current issues, a representative of the company becomes an accidental interlocutor, not a person responsible for the result.
  5. 05 Substitute the final incident When the company has undertaken certain obligations to the client, within the framework of the agreement reached, it provides the final result with the exception of some significant details.
  6. 06 Change the agreement unilaterally In the interaction between the client and the company, one of the parties believes that it can change the agreements unilaterally without informing the other party.
  7. 07 Prepare ways for retreat Absence of properly built contractual relations always leads to avoidance by one of the parties from fulfilling their obligations.
  8. 08 Require consent with achievements without verification Frequently encountered point when one or another party can not demonstrate either imaginary or actual competence in its professional plane, but covers it with a screen of long conversations without any specificity.
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