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Skills Academy

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Social network

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Do you aspire to be an IT specialist? Or do you need a job in your dream company?

Skills Academy is a new-generation social network, that offers education and employment in the same place.

Skills Academy has plenty of courses, that are supervised by some of the best experts! Every course has a few topics and every topic has a test.

Everything you need to do in order to get invited to the company:

  • create a personal account,
  • choose the goal,
  • study all the lectures,
  • pass the tests on the chosen topics,
  • rise your rating.

For any test results affecting the rating, it's required to study the given information and pass them faultlessly.

Company's HR managers and employers have an access to viewing users' accounts and ratings, which allows selection of the best seekers.

Set new goals and change your life for the better!

What was achieved:

  • authorization/registration system;
  • user's personal account;
  • view of education statistics;
  • a whole library of courses, lectures and tests of certain goals.