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Online shop


Have you ever wondered what makes up the price of handmade products?

Group of specialists from t.UNIQUE cleared the answer up having contacted us with the aim of creating a website.

There are multiple factors:

  • Firstly, there will always be a possibility to consult a master or bring in adjustments;
  • Secondly, handmade products are always individual, which will make you unpredictable and unique;
  • Thirdly, it's a nice gift to a friend or family;
  • Fourthly, the masters use only quality and eco-friendly materials, which means your products will last you long.

We used all the factors as the key for attracting customers while developing the website t.UNIQUE.

As the result, we developed t.UNIQUE - online catalogue of handmade clothing from real masters.

What was achieved:

  • product catalogue;
  • adaptive and cross-browser compatible layout;
  • addding, editing and deleting contents through an administrative panel;
  • fresh and unusual design.