UX design created to attract and  sell

The visual effect is one of the most powerful in the perception of a website or application. Literate UX design (UX design) creates the right effect, attracts attention, focuses it on the main points of the page. If the user likes what he sees, he will linger on your resource. 

Graphic design cannot be perceived as something purely subjective and belonging exclusively to art space. We, creating an original design, focus on the needs of our customers and their customers, helping to achieve their goals as comfortably as possible:

  1. Resource owners - to increase the flow of visitors and profits;
  2. Buyers make purchases easily and with pleasure.

The UX designer at EGC creates a website, application, or complex system, bringing together an attractive interface and functionality. These two aspects are critical to the success of a business.

What threatens your business with the wrong design of interfaces?

It would seem, offer a service or a unique product, “promote” your website or application - and customers will go in droves. But, as shown by our practice and research analysts, it works on a different principle. 

There are many beautiful projects on the Internet, sometimes even masterpieces. But if we are talking about business, and not just an aesthetic component, from a commercial point of view, a similar site or application will be practically useless. The result will be a low conversion: only a few visitors will become real customers. Therefore, based on the research, our own and user experience, we create not only beautiful interfaces, but also convenient, easy to use, intuitive to the user.

EGC Mobile Application Design

As in any field of programming, app development requires constant monitoring of innovation. Our team monitors trends and receives up-to-date information on methods that improve sales and brand awareness. All these "chips" we introduce in the development of applications. Here are just a few trends that have proven their effectiveness:

  • Minimalism. Not overloaded - the main concept of any application, because you need to focus the user's attention on a specific action, and excessive detailing distracts.
  • Colour. Selection of the optimal combination of shades directly affects perception. In a fashion gradients that personify the softness and "friendliness."
  • Author's approach. Full integration with the brand, a reflection of the direction of the business and its scope - this is what is required of modern graphic design.
  • Animation. Moving elements are beautiful and creative. They attract attention, and the interface is often tied to them.

There are a lot of similar trends, and our developers are not only aware of them, but also successfully put into practice, guaranteeing excellent conversion rates to customers. We operate throughout Europe, including Finland, where our office is located (Helsinki). Call us, order an individual project with an accurate calculation of the cost (no hidden surcharges!) And enjoy the increased profit of your resource!