Having a cool site but not getting sales? We solve the problem fully: 5 components of effective internet marketing

Company European Guard Consulting Oy provides complex site promotion, since only a certain set of measures will not only lead to the top, but also raise traffic, which leads to growing sales.

Bringing the site to the top is just a part of the task, since this kind of approach doesn't guarantee you profit. Only elaboration of these 5 key elements will allow getting a right result:

  1. Do the search engines like you? Does your resource appear at the highest search results? If the answer is negative even after creative designers have developed it and the SEO text is posted on every page, the weak points must be searched for.
  2. Do the users like you? The most important thing is that your web resource is convenient for visitors - user-friendliness guarantees a convenient functional and a simple construction. Exactly this criteria affects the popularity of an information resource or sales of an online shop. A usability audit will show the strong and weak points.
  3. By which searches are you found? This detail affects the most on the price of the works: the more they contain key requests (covering the frequency, in other words popularity), the more it will cost. But then, the chances for success also grow if SEO expands.
  4. Do search engines like the site's internal structure? Even while search robots don't "read" sites as humans do, they have their own principles for examining the resource. Based on them, they determine if the code is right, if there is semantic markup, interlinking, etc. Internal optimization involves also elaboration of an online shop's catalog and product pages.
  5. Does your resource have authority? Internet marketing services include external optimization: the creation of website's prestige in search engines. For the search engines this aspect consists in which sites refer to yours. It rises PageRank - the indicator Google uses for defining the resource's importance and level of trust.

Website audit is a multidimensional and complex work that has no room for hackneyed solutions. This way of promotion gives results not earlier than after a few months, but is the most long-term one. If you need quick results - use contextual advertising.

Fast, precise, effectual: contextual advertising as a quick access to the market

The most important advantage of contextual advertising is that it can be launched in just 1 day. For organizing it, the specialists need to reconcile with the orderer only about a few factors:

  • selection of the place;
  • size of the budget;
  • already existing ads.

From EGC you can order site promotion in Finland or Europe with the help of contextual ads - it is the optimal variant, although at the very beginning, it may need bigger investments than SEO optimization. The best results are achieved by using a complex approach.

Want to know how fast your site will not only skyrocket to the top, but also start bringing permanent income? Contact us and get a complex individual solution for your business with a guaranteed result!