Contextual Internet advertising is considered to be one of the actively developing areas. Allows you to place textual and graphical information in popular search engines, as well as on partner resources. The main feature and advantage - shows only the target audience. This reduces the cost of an advertising campaign, allowing you to spend a reasonable budget.

What methods are used to promote a web resource in  EGC?  

European Guard Consulting uses modern methods to attract potential customers, turning them into real ones by effectively influencing consumer interest. Contextual ads are a wide field of activity, in the sphere of which there are many techniques and "chips" that give a high conversion with the right approach.

  • Remarketing is considered one of the relatively new ways that increase the chance of purchasing a product or service on your website. The principle is simple: the guest came to your resource, but did not take an active action (purchase, call, review, etc.), and left the site. Further, getting to any resource in the Display Network, this user will see your ad calling for the action to be completed. Retargeting is effective, since it is cheaper to attract someone who was already on the site than a new customer. 
  • Thematic advertising is displayed on partner sites that have similar topics with the text of the advertisement. In the age of active imposition and attempts to force the buyer to perform an action, the unobtrusiveness of this method is effective due to the lack of “aggressiveness”. 
  • Search advertising appears next to a specific query entered in a search engine. The effectiveness of this method lies in the fact that the user is interested in the search result. If you look at the daily attendance of search engines, it becomes clear that the audience is very large.

This is only the “tip of the iceberg” of the latest and proven technologies in the field of advertising, which allow using different methods to create the maximum coverage of Central Asia, to motivate the user to perform the target action.

Stages of introduction of mass-effective advertising

Our company EGC specializes in integrated promotion of resources of different directions - setting up contextual advertising is carried out taking into account the peculiarities of the business, the goals set and the desired results. 

How we work (for example, advertising a mobile application):

  • Determined. We study Central Asia, its needs, if necessary - we carry out geo-targeting if future users of your application are concentrated in a certain area. 
  • Are planning. We find the most effective solutions, which allows not to spend the budget in vain. This includes the analysis of words and competitors, the search for weaknesses and strengths. 
  • We are preparing. We offer the client several options based on the selection of relevant keywords and different advertising mechanisms.

One of the fastest growing is Google advertising. A powerful search engine with great potential to tune a campaign creates an extensive field of activity. We, as specialists, know the right “bundles” and moves that give excellent efficiency. Advertising Yandex has some differences, but also refers to the priority. 

EGC operates throughout Europe. We invite you to visit our office in Helsinki (Finland), call us by contact numbers, leave a request in the feedback form, write to us on Skype or by email. Before concluding a contract for the provision of services, the main points of cooperation and the price of work are necessarily specified on the basis of a drawn up plan. Want to order contextual advertising, which will increase your profits from the moment of launch? Contact us right now and see the effectiveness of the methods used by our specialists!