SEO website promotion becomes effective only in the case of the use of complex measures aimed at bringing the site to the TOP, the maximum approximation to the 1st position. But this is only half the success, because the end result is an increase in profits. The Internet is not just an information space, but a powerful marketing tool and a great place to expand your business by increasing sales.

Website promotion in search engines is effective for all companies whose products or services are searched by users. Therefore, the sooner you find yourself in the TOP Yandex and Google, the faster your customers will find and buy from you and not the competitors.

Mega-effective site promotion only white methods from EGC

European Guard Consulting Company carries out a comprehensive website promotion in accordance with the following principles:

  • We use exclusively white methods of promotion, do not buy links and do not spam. Not a single Internet resource with which we worked fell under the search engine filter. The main focus is SEO optimization, content and convenience. 
  • We create a list of actions that your site really needs for development. Aim at the result, using the short road to your success based on individual “chips”. 
  • We provide optimization services for site meta tags for both new and existing resources. Refers to one of the basics of internal site optimization. 
  • Having extensive experience in various commercial topics gives us an undeniable advantage: we use an individual and creative approach, we do not work with templates. After all, the standard approaches give the same standard result, and we strive for the maximum! 
  • Promoting the site in the TOP without constant communication with the client is possible, but more difficult. Therefore, we are always in touch with the customer, answering emerging questions. Rest assured: our employees are ready to answer any of your questions in an accessible and understandable language so that you clearly understand how we promote your business.

We recommend using a comprehensive concept of website promotion, because just getting into the TOP is not a guarantee of high conversion. Our task is to combine high positions in search results with effective business development aimed at encouraging a client to take an action (order, buy, call). The cost of site promotion depends on the measures taken. 

Want to learn more and start a successful campaign to increase your profits in Europe? Email us or call now! You can also visit our cozy office located in Helsinki (Finland). Do not delay your success for tomorrow - take a confident step now!