Needing a specialist but not having time for searching one? Outstaffing from European Guard Consulting Oy will solve the problem!

Outstaffing personnel is a requested service which is used by 7 out of 10 representatives of medium and big businesses in Europe. The principle of building a partnership between the employer and employees with this plan is simple:

  • the client sends an application for selection of a certain staff to European Guard Consulting Oy;
  • we find the needed specialist(s) and take them into our staff;
  • in fact, on documents the person is a member of EGC, but physically (s)he works for the client's company.

We perform a detailed staff selection and the client gets employees with the mentioned level of qualification and experience. Choosing our company as a contractor has multiple advantages:

  • the leadership doesn't have any responsibilities on the new worker, since everything happens within the framework of the agreed contract;
  • the employee doesn't need travel, medical or holiday allowance;
  • the process of shaping and organizing the optimal work conditions is carried on by the outstaffing company.

In case it's required to hire a shift personnel or pick up a big number of workers, this kind of service is sought after. The price depends on the complexity of requirements given to the specialist and also on the number of workers.

Outstaffing is a possibility to lower the taxes legally and decrease the amount of work in bookkeeping and administration saving the company's status quo. By making a contract on outstaffing services with EGC you get guaranteed compliance of the labour law and absence of labour disputes and the costs from them.

Ask us any questions, get a full consultation or order staff selection from us by phone, email or Skype from the page Contacts!