Development of an information resource for the          development of your business from EGC 

Creating an information site includes the introduction of a specific structure and blocks, since this type of resource requires the placement of information in audio, video, graphic and text formats in large volumes. The task of the developers is to correctly configure the portal by connecting many interactive services within one site: 

  • RSS feed;
  • search by sections;
  • opportunity to leave comments;
  • conduct and vote;
  • chat on the forums.

So that the creation efforts are not in vain, additional promotion of the information portal will be needed - it attracts customers, increases attendance, and ideally increases profit.

Information portal: main types

European Group Consulting company is creating information sites - an individual process, because for each client we select the best option that suits him. Therefore, the cost of development varies, because the "stuffing" (interactive services) in each case is different. 

Conventionally, all portals are divided into several types: 

  • Corporate. Displays the activities of the enterprise, often is available only for a limited range of users: employees, directors, clients. 
  • Public. There are no restrictions, registration may be required for posting messages, but the preview of an already published one is open. 
  • Horizontal and vertical. In the first case, there can be many topics and topics, in the second - a highly specialized topic. 
  • Regional and international. Regional sites are designed for a specific area, have only 1 language (navigation, interface, publications). International supports multilingualism.

The design of an information site is directly tied to its specificity. EGC specialists will help you solve the tasks set for your business, using graphic and textual design in an effective way to promote and popularize your products or services. Most often, portal development is ordered for: 

  • brand promotion;
  • increasing awareness;
  • increase customer loyalty;
  • the formation of public opinion about the goods / services;
  • creating effective media;
  • dating the target audience with the company and features of the products provided.

EGC offers you professional development of information portals with a set of functions necessary for your business. Our office is located in Helsinki (Finland), but we operate throughout Europe. Contact us in a convenient way: via Skype, the return form or call directly on the contact numbers.